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Walter The Wonder Snail

SKU: 9780711276826

Walter, The Wonder Snail is a joyful picture book about a curious snail who wants to try new things and explore a world away from leaves!
Walter is a snail who is really, really bored of leaves. Surely there's more to life than leaves? His fellow snails are happy just slowly munching away... but not Walter! He wants to try something new.

Walter's never seen beyond the large, looming leaves and tall towering flowers of his simple, small world. He sets out on an incredible journey full of challenges, unlikely friends and remarkable sights!

The brave, curious snail meets heart warming animal characters, like Lottie the squirrel and Kendrick the frog, who inspire him to continue on a big adventure, particularly for such a tiny creature.

Comical scenarios, rich artwork and a stunning colour palette makes this a lovable read. Walter the snail will encourage readers to think big and not to be afraid of change!

Ages 3 to 6

32 pages
color illustrations