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Underwater World Search-and-Find Puzzle

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This Underwater Search-and-Find Puzzle Game includes 51 pieces along with a wooden die so you can play a search-and-find game with your friends! Construct the underwater world, roll the wooden die, and find an underwater creature with the matching color found on the die.

The high-quality cardboard puzzle is double sided, where the backside includes a coloring activity!

  • Intended for ages 4+ years
  • Backside includes a coloring activity
  • High quality blue-edge cardboard
  • Box has a magnetic clasp for fun on the go
  • Puzzles are an excellent way to develop fine motor skills and strengthen awareness of numbers, shapes, and the relationship between individual parts and the whole.
  • Exquisitely illustrated puzzles stimulate the children's imagination.
  • Puzzles are fun, develop problem-solving skills, and boost children's self-confidence.