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Tiny Violin: Soundtrack for Your Sob Story

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Drown out petty complaints with Tiny Violin! This kit includes everything you need to quell those crocodile tears:

  • Plays music: plays a sad tune when the strings button is pressed down
  • Violin replica: Includes a 3 4/5" replica of a real violin with mini bow and chinrest
  • Display stand: An elegant vinyl stand included to store and display your violin
  • Illustrated mini book: Includes a 32-page mini book about the origins of "tiniest violin"
  • Perfect gift: humorous gag gift or stocking stuffer

A RIFF OFF OF A POPULAR SAYING. This tiny violin is a comic take on the popular saying "Let me play you the world's smallest violin," made popular by hit TV show M*A*S*H and even more popular by Mr. Krabs in SpongeBob SquarePants. Fans of our humor kits will love to see this hilarious phrase brought to life in RP Minis' special packaging and style.

UNIQUE SOUND ELEMENT. This kit plays a sad song when its molded strings are pressed down, setting it apart from all other small violins on the market.

HUMOROUS STRESSBUSTING. With increased stress-levels, sometimes we need a humorous interruption to put things into perspective, and this kit could do just that, if you find yourself or others ruminating, it could be a perfect way to indicate to yourself or others that "it is going to be okay.

GREAT GAG GIFT. A perfect gift for coworkers, friends, and family--especially if they are musically inclined.

Age 7+

32 pages 
15 full color illustrations
3 in H | 3.9 in W | 1.9 in T | 0.3 lb Wt