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The World of Animals

SKU: 9781398820234

An Illustrated Guide to the Wonders of the Wild!

Why are flamingos pink? What's so surprising about a platypus' beak? And just what is a capybara?

This exciting and eye-opening hardback takes young readers on a journey of discovery through the animal kingdom, demonstrating the extraordinary variety of our planet's animals - and showcasing many creatures that will be unfamiliar to many young readers.

Brimming over with beautiful full-color illustrations, and meticulous researched throughout, this volume presents a wonderful opportunity to discover lesser known animals from all over the world, and to see familiar animals in a whole new light. Annotated maps give context to readers' discoveries.

Ideal for wild-about-animals kids aged 7+.

Hardcover with dust jacket.
128 pages
11 in H | 8.9 in W

Dr. Michael Leach is a full time wildlife author and photographer. He has travelled to all 7 continents and worked with many of the world's most charismatic animals - polar bears in the Arctic, gorillas in central Africa, lemurs in Madagascar, sperm whales in the mid-Atlantic, monkeys in the Amazon, penguins in the Antarctic and elephants in Kenya. He is the author of 36 books and has given more than 4000 illustrated talks.

Dr. Meriel Lland is a writer, researcher, photographer, and film-artist entranced by the natural world. She's travelled with reindeer in Scandanavia, elephants in Africa, and camels in Morocco. Meriel lectures in university and runs workshops in school and the wider community. Her writing and images have appeared in publications worldwide.

Juanita Londoño-Gaviria was born in Colombia, and has always lived amidst the mountains, surrounded by nature, birds and flowers. She studied fashion design in her hometown, Medellín, and graduated in Concept Art from Vancouver Film School in 2018 and has been freelancing as an illustrator and a textile designer since then.