Tac Boum Pom Tree

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Help the bird find her eggs with a tap, tap, tap - presto!

A ball slide in the shape of a tree. Children place the balls at the top of the slide and tip the bird back to get them started. The balls slide down the colorful branches. They roll, fall, disappear on one side and reappear like magic on the other! The track ends at the base of the tree, stopped by the flower.

  • Children start the balls by tipping the bird back.
  • At the base, the flower stops the balls.

Toys are the building blocks of learning and with our artfully designed toys, parents and children alike will be entertained. Ignite a passion for discovery when you send colorful wooden balls rolling down the limbs of the bright green tree. 

Bright & engaging color, each toy builds an age appropriate skill, builds finger strength.

This is a classic, solid wood activity toy, put a ball on the top and watch it roll down, push down on the bird’s tail to let the ball pass through

  • Bright, engaging colors, durably built and a foot tall, it will entertain for hours, as the balls travel through the tree and off the branches
  • Helps develop gross and fine motor skills, cognitive development and finger strength
  • Made from the highest quality materials, completely non-toxic, child safe paints, meets and exceeds all US and European safety testing standards
  • A great gift for a toddler ages 18 months +
  • 9 .8" x 12.8" x 7.6"