Manhattan Toy

Squinkles Sam Pet Toy

SKU: 048156000161

Dog owners and guardians understand how much their canine companions want to play, and playtime is bonding time - a crucial part of everyday pet parenting.

Squinkles Sam the Bear Sherpa-Style Soft Squeaker dog toy animal is a bemusement of artistry infused into a dog stimulation toy with squeakers concealed in the belly and fluffy tail.

  • The sensory dog toy has gangly multi-colored arms and legs, each with internal plastic crinkle paper, serving up a bonus of satisfying sound.
  • Suitable for all dog sizes, put this bear squeaker dog exercise toy to the test with your furry family member.
  • Adults dogs and pups will instinctively like the hunt and retrieval aspect of fetching and returning this delightful squeaker dog toy.
  • Manhattan Pet Toy incorporates trending décor patterns, styles and best practices into every dog toy that becomes available for your pet's best life. Let's Play!