Razzle Dazzle DIY Gem Art Kit - Cheery Cactus

SKU: 810078038665

If you’ve got a curious crafter, then OOLY’s Razzle Dazzle Gem Art Kit is the perfect project for shining a light on their budding DIY skills. The included artwork features a cheery cactus that is well-deserving of a touch of glam. Using the gem art kit’s wax pencil, your young artist can apply the included gems as they choose. They can follow the pattern, or they can follow their own inspiration. Either way, the result of this gem art kit is a shimmering succulent that you’ll want to show off!

1 Razzle Dazzle DIY Mini Gem Art Kit - Cheese Cactus
Includes artwork, 1 gem tray, 1 wax pencil, and 6 gem packs
Suitable for ages 8 and up