Senger Naturwelt

Organic Animal Baby - Rabbit, White

SKU: 4260429486755

The funny and freaky characters in the "floppy animals" range are the perfect environmentally-friendly toy for any age.

Smaller children will adore the 20 cm (8 in) and 30 cm (12 in) ones. They are made entirely of sustainably-produced cotton plush, and can safely be sucked or chewed.

Senger uses sustainably-produced cotton and high-quality long-staple mohair that can easily be combed. A trusty companion from childhood on - for an entire lifetime.

Product number: Y21903
Dimensions: 150x60x200mm
Weight: 0.07kg

Hand washable. Do not wring, spin-dry or tumbledry.

Made in Germany
Product is handmade from organically grown cotton, wool and mohair. Filling is pure lambswool.

The world of SENGER revolves around cuddly animals, hand puppets, grabbing toys, furniture and much more – always around to bring joy and comfort. SENGER was founded over 30 years ago by Sabine and Volker SENGER. To this day, they both work on each product design with their own needle and thread. Paired with the fact all of SENGER toys are hand-tailored, it means every product is unique in its own way.

SENGER's experience has shown that the first toy a child loves earns a very special place in their heart that cannot be replaced, which is why SENGER put so much attention to detail in all SENGER products. Sustainability is also at the heart of the SENGER brand, ensuring the use of robust, quality materials that are free from harmful chemicals. This is especially important due to the close physical contact between a child and their toy – sure to guarantee a long-lasting companionship.