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One Is A Feast For Mouse

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One tiny, happy mouse’s simple Thanksgiving dinner gets bigger and bigger….and bigger! Uh oh!

After a Thanksgiving dinner, Mouse peeps out of his hidey-hole and spots a small green pea. It’s the perfect feast for one mouse. But maybe he could add just one red cranberry, and then one shiny black olive, and then just one scoop of mashed potatoes? But how will Mouse ever get everything back home without spilling?

Now a board book, perfect for small hands and big stomachs, Mouse’s Thanksgiving is a terrific read aloud where just one more thing might topple the whole adventure. Illustrator Jeffrey Ebbeler lovingly details the cozy mouse, mouth-watering food, and even a sneaky cat in the background.

Perfect for fall story times and for Thanksgiving celebrations, where everyone gathers together to laugh and be grateful for one another’s company.

Board Book
Sep 01, 2020 Ages 4 to 8