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Oliver West! It's Time to Get Dressed!

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Oliver loves to go out to play, but Oliver also loves his pajamas! It seems a waste of time to figure out how to put on his pants and shirt but his mother is determined that he do it himself. With captivating rhyme and whimsical illustrations, Mom lovingly guides him through the process. 

Oliver's sidekick, his French Bulldog Pierre, really wants to help but ends up making matters worse. Pierre just doesn't seem to understand that hiding Oliver's shoes isn't a good game and that socks aren't made for a tug of war!

The story provides encouragement and inspires confidence to youngsters who, like Oliver, are learning to dress themselves. The abundance of Fry sight words and rhyming text contribute to easier comprehension and cognitive development, making this book perfect for early readers and ages 3-7. 

Just put your RIGHT leg in one side,
Your LEFT leg in the other,
Your SUPERHERO underpants,
Will soon be undercover!

Reader's Favorite Book Award Winner

ISBN 978-1-7337525-0-3

36 Pages, Hardcover, Picture Book

The Author:

Kelly Louise describes herself as a "Dr Seuss geek." As a young girl growing up in New Jersey, she would constantly speak in rhyme (to her family's dismay). Now, with children of her own, she is "allowed" to rhyme again and happy to be sharing her words with children everywhere. Kelly lives in picturesque Chester County, Pennsylvania, with her two little superheroes and her husband.