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Lucky Dog: Bearer of Good Fortune

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Give the gift of luck and good fortune to yourself--or someone you know--with this adorable Lucky Dog figurine.

ONE-OF-A-KIND COLLECTIBLE: Inspired by the adorable Japanese lucky talisman

MOTORIZED ARM: No batteries needed; just give it a tap and watch it go

BOOK INCLUDED: Discover the wisdom and lore of this unique canine as well as lucky traditions and charms from around the world in the 32-page, 2-1/2" x 3" illustrated mini book

UNIQUE GIFT: Perfect for dog lovers of all ages

Lucky Dog Lore: Similar to the Lucky Cat (also known as maneki-neko), which originated in Japanese culture, the Lucky Dog (or maneki-inu) has become regarded as a charm that will bring good fortune to its owner. There are many variations—some say the raised right arm brings luck and wealth, while the raised left arm brings customers and success in business—but in whichever form and adornment this dog is found, it is a welcome talisman.

Companion kit to popular Lucky Cat mini. The Lucky Cat kit has sold over 120K copies since 2016 in a wide range of accounts. Lucky Dog brings the same kawaii-vibe and good fortune and is perfect for dog lovers or anyone who needs an extra bit of luck in their life.

New dog-themed mini. Following in the footsteps of other humorous dog-themed kits like Desktop Dog Park, Phrenology Dog, and Mini Sub-WOOFer, this mini kit takes another popular dog breed--shiba inu--and brings it to the mini list with an irresistible component and package.

32 pages
full color illustrations
3.4 in H | 2.9 in W | 2 in T | 0.1 lb Wt