Little Friends Fox

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Get ready for big adventures with this fantastic fox friend who will sneak right into your heart and want to be a part of every forest exploration! A perfect addition for play set ups and animal scenes, this expressive fox will promote storytelling and role playing. This solid and durable fox feels good in little hands and makes a great companion to the other little friend forest animals.

Made of safe, smooth, and solid plastic, Little Friends animals are durable and easy to clean. They stand up to years of rough and tumble play but have a flexibility and luxuriousness that is missing in other hard plastic figures.
HABA Little Friends animals make great companions at the breakfast table, in the garden, sandbox or swimming pool.......anywhere the imagination takes them.
HABA Little Friends toys are made with safe materials and rigorously tested according to European and American testing standards for toys.

Suitable for children ages 3 and up.