Figurine - Snowy Owl

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Do you know that the Snowy Owl is simply a white owl stained with black? Unlike the owl it was born in northern North America and Eurasia but also in the Arctic. His body can stay at a constant temperature of 100 ° F to 104 ° F even when it is -58 ° F outside! This is due to its thick plumage and its metabolism that produces heat. The Snowy Owl is a carnivorous bird that feeds on mammals and birds. His meal varies throughout the year depending on where it is, it is a bird that moves a lot. It can go from lemming to Arctic hare, mouse to pheasant, marmot to prairie dog, depending on the period.


Papo's figurines are hand-painted and made from durable synthetic plastic. Highly detailed with a natural color-scheme that replicates the real animal, making the figure extremely realistic looking.