Figurine - Roaring Lion

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Beautiful feline, the Lion is a symbol of strength and courage. He is the most powerful and largest carnivore in Africa. Recognizable by its long mane, the Lion has been baptized "king of animals". It has a long body with impressive musculature and powerful legs with claws. This big predator weighs about 550 pounds. He reigns on his territory and protects his clan composed of several females. He feeds on cattle and also hunts other animals such as buffaloes, giraffes, zebras or warthogs. He can devour up to 66 pounds of meat at one time. Did you know that you could hear the roar from miles away?


Papo's figurines are hand-painted and made from durable synthetic plastic. Highly detailed with a natural color-scheme that replicates the real animal, making the figure extremely realistic looking.