Figurine - Pyrenees Bear Cub

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It is in the Pyrenees that you will meet this population of brown bears from North America. Their impressive size ranks them among the largest mammals of their species after the polar bear. The Pyrenees Bear can measure up to 7 feet and weigh between 265 and 440 pounds. It is one of the most powerful terrestrial animals on the planet! This omnivore feeds mainly on plants, berries and fruits. Nevertheless it happens to devour insects (ants, bees ...) or small mammals. In order to last all winter, the Pyrenees Bear feeds intensively all summer long, before returning to its den, and starting its hibernation from November to March. Its life expectancy is between 20 and 25 years.


Papo's figurines are hand-painted and made from durable synthetic plastic. Highly detailed with a natural color-scheme that replicates the real animal, making the figure extremely realistic looking.