Kane Miller

Everything Changes

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When parents break up, a child may wonder if things will ever be the same. This tender, moving story explores the emotions children may feel through this difficult transition.

“This book deftly compares emotions to nature and conveys the message that life goes on, ever changing and ever growing. The text and illustrations work harmoniously to provide examples and extend the metaphors. This one is ideal for young ones processing a big life change. … Tenderly nuanced.”
-- Kirkus Reviews

“Illustrations feature a family and community that have many different backgrounds and cultures; the emotions of the young child are warmly evoked, inviting readers to connect with the changes that they see in the world around them and the emotional world inside them. … Affirming, without being saccharine, this title honors the emotional journey of young children facing such separations.”
-- School Library Journal

“A child experiences the change of seasons as well as the change of divorce in this symbolic picture book. … The text is especially poetic, with the child’s feelings compared to the swirling sea or the blowing wind. The depiction of the seasons also serves as an apt metaphor for the changes … The illustrations complement the story beautifully … This is an incredibly thoughtful book about the often painful subject of divorce, and it is one that approaches the topic in a way that’s respectful of children’s feelings, while also conveying a sense of hope.”
-- ​Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database

"Award-winning author and educator Clare Helen Welsh writes a creative and impactful story with her latest tale. Her collaborations with illustrator Åsa Galland are both mindful and full of feeling, brought to life with dazzling color, warmth, and charm."
-- Nanny Miss Monique​

Ages 4 And Up

32 pages
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