Harper Collins

Big Book of Colors

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SKU: 9781805318101

A wonderfully illustrated introduction to color theory for pre-school children.

A fantastic journey through an amazing world of over 130 colors, including the primary and secondary colors and descriptive color words, such as canary yellow, russet and mint green.

Includes a color wheel to turn to see which colors go well together and a see-through acetate page to flip to see what happens when you mix colors. A delightful book to share and talk about with a young child, and to use as inspiration for writing and painting as they grow older.

A glorious introduction to color theory, each color-themed page shows an array of illustrations, labelled with their color: turquoise, azure, sage, pistachio, buff, saffron, russet, ochre, vermillion and lots more.

    Ages 1 to 4
    26 pages
    11.4 in H | 9.8 in W | 0.6 in T | 1.5 lb Wt