Animambo Metallophone

SKU: 3070900060029

A fabulous cat-shaped metallophone designed for children with beautiful illustrations. Children use the wooden beaters to play the notes. Two scores are included to help them along, with notes represented by the colors on the keys. The perfect gift for little musicians aged 3 and over.

  • A marvelous metallophone made of wood and metal with beautiful illustrations.
  • Includes 2 double-sided scores with 4 melodies and color-coded notes.
  • 8 notes to play using 2 wooden beaters.
  • Helps children start to appreciate music, learn to recognize sounds and develop their sense of rhythm.
  • Premium materials.
  • Animambo, a colorful carnival where the animals go marching past with a fanfare!

Contents: 1 cat metallophone (wood, metal), 2 beaters (wood), 2 double-sided scores (card).