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ABC, Rise Up and Be!: An Empowering Alphabet for Changing the World

SKU: 9781952239274

An empowering alphabet book to inspire kids to become their best selves.

In a world where you can be anything, be . . .

Accepting: A rising leaf doesn’t cause others to fall. Be the wind that helps everyone soar to new heights.

Big-hearted: A big heart embraces life and all of its beauty and marvels.

Courageous: Courage is a whisper from inside that says, “You can do this.” Fighting for what is right will never be wrong.

Readers will discover traits like humble, just, mindful, persistent, and twenty-two other character-building words with thought-provoking advice designed to empower and encourage. And don't forget to check out X: Xenodochial (zeena-doh-key-ul): Be friendly, for all the world is your neighbor.

Each page includes an adorable illustration of kids with famous heroes who have exemplified each of these traits: kind like Mother Teresa, generous like Clara Barton, encouraging like Anne Frank, respectful like the Dalai Lama, and more!

Ages 4 to 8
32 pages
10 in H | 8 in W