Kids 'N Kribs Provides Baby Essentials for Berwyn, PA Families

The Best Selection of Baby and Toddler Toys for Berwyn Residents

If you live in Berwyn and need the perfect baby gift or are shopping for the arrival of your little one, Kids ‘N Kribs offers the most extensive collection of toys for babies and toddlers, including everything from pacifiers and teethers to plush animals, puppets, and wooden sorting and stacking blocks. While a baby's first few weeks will be filled with eating, sleeping, and diaper changes, you may want to have some engaging toys on-hand for playtime. Below we share some of our favorite developmental toys for babies and toddlers during the first few crucial months of life.

The Best Infant and Toddler Developmental Toys

Playtime is vital for infant development, and from birth to their first birthday, you will experience many milestones like facial gestures, crawling, walking, and more! Whether you’re shopping for your child or a friend, purchasing developmentally and age-appropriate toys help to expand a little one’s skills. Continuing reading to find a list of toys for kids between the ages of birth to a year.

Toys for birth through the first six months of life

The first six months are filled with baby milestones like holding their head up on their own, smiling, making eye contact, and cooing. Newborns and infants are experiencing different sounds, colors, and tastes all for the first time. A new baby will enjoy looking at people's faces and objects with bright colors, and you’ll find them reaching and grabbing with their hands and feet, turning towards sounds, and putting everything into their mouths. The best toys and gifts for this age range include the following: 

Toys for seven to twelve months

Babies at this age are on the move! Many seven to twelve-month-olds are rolling over, sitting up, standing, and beginning to walk. You’ll want to support this baby's age range with toys that encourage exploration. The best toys for seven to twelve-month-old babies include the following: 

It’s crucial to always check the age recommendations to ensure the toy is suitable for your child.

Rattles, Silicone Toys, and Pacifiers for Babies and Toddlers at Kids ‘N Kribs

Whether you’re searching for the best pacifiers for babies or need help choosing a fun, engaging, and safe toy for your child, the experts at Kids ‘N Kribs are here to help. We proudly boast a vast collection of baby and toddler toys like rattles, loveys, dolls, puzzles, playsets, walkers, and so much more. Our staff is always here to help, and we invite Berwyn residents to stop in today and shop with us. Connect with the team at 610 687 5437 if you have any questions or to learn more about our baby toy offerings.