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Panda Crew Cup - Scarlett

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Panda Crew Personalized Kids Cups are fun animal-themed drink ware that come in whimsical and colorful designs! Each cup is personalized with a name or generic title. No customizations. 

Measuring 3.75” tall each cup holds 8.5 fluid ounces, the perfect size to brighten snack time for children of all ages.

  • Perfect for small hands & lovingly personalized
  • Cheerful colors with adorable characters
  • Made of lightweight melamine & dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for cold beverages, smoothies & snacks 

No more fighting over who gets the fun cup! With 120 different names and titles in the collection, there is plenty of animal-themed drinkware for every kid on your gift list. It’s so handy to keep one at the babysitter’s, one at grandma’s and one at home. With Panda Crew personalized Kids’ Cups, it’s easy to tell which cup belongs to which kid.

Kids love these bold, bright, durable and lightweight cups. Each name or title is paired with one of the eight whimsical illustrations in the collection: panda, dinosaur, lion, sloth, cat, flamingo, unicorn and mermaid.