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Magical Unicorn Jigsaw Book: Includes 4 Jigsaws!

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SKU: 9781838576943

Young readers can join Starlight Sparkle and Princess Rainbow on their quest with this delightful jigsaw book, containing 4 delightful puzzles. Kids age 2+ can complete each one and immerse themselves in the unicorn adventure!

Join Starlight Sparkle and Princess Rainbow on their quest to find the owner of a lost key. Complete each jigsaw and follow the beautifully illustrated story to find out what the mystery key will unlock.

Young readers can join the unicorns' adventures with this delightful board book, which combines storybook and jigsaw puzzle. Find 4 puzzles inside, each one presenting a magical scene from the unicorns' quest.

With 9 jigsaw pieces in each picture, this book is just right for children aged 2+ to complete, improving their logical thinking and their hand-eye coordination.

Louise Wright's beautiful artwork brings this enchanting tale to life, and the text is perfect for reading aloud to young children.

Ages 2 to 4
10 pages
4 color
8.7 in H | 8.7 in W