King Artur Knights Castle Playset 3D



An amazing playset to keep boys and girls busy protecting the castle and using their imagination in pretend wars. With many moving part, play features and treasures hidden in the castle the story of young prince Artur and Rafael the dragon comes to life. Your children are going to spend hours on end in this amazing imaginary world created by our castle play set. The play will be full of unique adventures full with dragons and knights.

Krooom believes that children need the room to invent their games and research shows that playsets are uniquely helping development of skills that are improving your child ability to learn. Kroom playsets are well used for both solo games and multiple children playing.

The castle playset includes a drawbridge, ladders’ prison door, and a well designed royal crest. the unique attention to the smallest details will send your child to a unique legendry world and help develop his unique imagination, Happy pedants who purchased this awesome Knights Castle Playset had wrote to us that even watching their loved ones play was a unique experience and allowed them to engage with their children in unique ways.