FINALSALE: Farm Threading & Lacing Game

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Threading fun for all farming fans!

The tiles can be threaded onto the farm scene as the mood takes your child or to match the template. In this way, a jolly scene featuring many animals takes shape.

This wooden threading toy includes a 12.5" wide by 9" tall playboard with a barn and a tree and 117 holes for threading.

  • The set also includes 18 threading tiles, including a tractor, a farmer, several animals and accessories that can be sewn onto the board.
  • Designed for ages 3 and up, there are also two double-sided, tear-resistant template cards to show different ways to thread the accessories onto the toy.
  • Threading toys teach fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while also fostering imagination, creativity, and planning.
  • Add in the calming effect of "sewing" and you have a toy children will gravitate to time and time again.

Contents: 1 farm, 18 threading tiles, 2 threading cords, 2 template cards (printed on both sides).

Age: 3 Years and Up

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