Washable Paint Dot Markers



Explore what’s over the rainbow and dot away with Do-A-Dot Art markers. Arts and crafts time just got easier and cleaner!

Everything done at Do-A-Dot Art is done with the best interests of children in mind, starting with where the product are made. The company choose to make their markers on their home turf in the USA. When it comes to safety Do-A-Dot holds themselves to the highest standards because they think of your little ones as their own.

Do-A-Dot Art is proud of the employment opportunities they create in the USA as a small manufacturer. As a family run business they put a lot of pride into their products, and they are grateful to have a dedicated team that assembles their paint sets in a harmonious special needs work center.

Do-A-Dot Art values their excellent work ethics, and attention to detail. They appreciate the love and care they put into each and every assembled set of Do-A-Dot Art Markers.