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Chomp Chomp Shark Puppet Book

SKU: 9781646383405

Chomp, chomp! This shark feels a grumble in its tummy. What can it munch on that's yummy? Will it chomp on the rubber ducky or the bar of soap? Maybe it'll chomp on a rusty anchor that's been abandoned on the ocean floor. There is no one chompier than this shark so look out! Wiggle the included, detachable finger puppet to make the story come to life. A great kids book about sharks to sink your teeth into!

The puppet included in this kids shark book encourages interactive play and hand-eye coordination.

Adorable finger puppet detaches to play with your children while reading
The sweet rhymes in this book keep kids entertained and teach language patterns
Vibrant illustrations on every page help keep boys and girls engaged.

This shark book for children makes a great alternative to shark toys for toddlers and a perfect gift for birthdays, baby showers, holidays, and more!

Ages 2 to 4 

10 pages
7 in H | 7 in W