Building Blocks - Basic Pack Domino



How constructive! Build up the fun with the Building Blocks - Basic Pack Domino set from HABA! Perfect for all master constructors ages 3-10 years, this set is guaranteed fun! Watch out, things will really start moving in the children's room! Quickly stack the domino blocks, set the red starting tile in motion, and away they go! Whether set up in simple rows, long serpentine figures, high towers, or experimental constellations, the domino blocks offer maximum building fun and all sorts of options to play with! Contents: 61 domino blocks, 8 naturally colored wooden blocks, 6 block clamps, 2 wheel clamps, 2 conveyor wheels, 2 metal rods with eyelet, and 6 marbles.

Combine with any of the marble run and ball track sets from HABA!