Bioserie - 2-In-1 Stacker



Bioserie's founders have had their own experience of looking for the right toys for their own babies. Aside from the safety aspect, they have noticed that many toys that they originally found nice and beautiful just... stayed on the shelf! They learned a lot about what works while playing with their own babies and are doing their best to bring to life the ideal essentials that will support other babies' early discoveries. Bioserie uses a special blend of modified PLA (Polylactic Acid) that contains no petrochemical additives. Modifiers ensure Bioserie products to be non-brittle and heat resistant. Several years of research and development on bioplastic injection moulding technology allows for the best possible product quality and finish. Bioserie toys contain 0 percent oil-based chemicals, because our raw materials are derived from plants, not oil. We also do not add any oil-based chemicals during the manufacturing process to "enhance" the performance or color of our product.