Bibs: Dandy Lion - Orange




TheåÊplastic-freeåÊBucket-bib is made of pure, silky soft & reusable silicone that keeps your baby‰۪s sensitive skin happy & prevents single-use options from ending up in our oceans & landfills. Reuse over & over knowing that your baby is safe from lead, latex, phthalates, BPAs, & other harsh chemicals found in plastic & lower-grade silicone. Roll up the flexible, memory-free bib for on-the-go dining & rescue clothes from endless spills & stains with the non-porous & dishwasher safe material.

Also available in Elephant Hugs Pink, Dandy Lion Orange, Monkey Business Red, & Crocodile Cuddles Green.

All Modern-twist products are made with 100% pure, food-grade silicone that is European & FDA compliant.

CARE:åÊModern-twiståÊkept harsh chemical coatings off of all Modern-twist products to keep you healthy & safe. Make sure to clean spills promptly to avoid staining your Bucket-bib & avoid punctures by keeping it away from sharp objects! Although all of theåÊproducts are heat resistant to 250 Celsius or 425 Fahrenheit, Modern-twiståÊdoes not recommend using them as trivets.