Bentley 6-In-1 Stroller/Tricycle



Designed in collaboration with Bentley Motors and your toddler’s needs in mind, the Bentley 6-in-1 Stroller/Tricycle is the perfect combination of elegance and function. 

These tricycles were designed to exude a luxurious aesthetic with the world famous Bentley style in mind. The wheels on the tricycle are an exact replica of the Bentley Continental GT speed.

The Strollers/Trikes are available in the same colors as the cars, and the cross stitched seats not only complete the look but also offer great comfort for your little one. Colors are: Onyx (Black), Fuchsia (Pink), Sequin (Blue) and Dragon (Red).

The tricycle changes as your toddler grows to create a useful and stylish product for years to come. Changing from a stroller to a tricycle and everything in between. 

  • Stage 1 - 6 Months And Up: Back support can be adjusted in 2 angles, parents have total control with the adjustable and removable parent push handle. The seat can also be turned 180 degrees. This function and the additional footrests are perfect for infants to start using the tricycle.
  • Stage 2 - 18 Months And Up The additional footrests are removed. Extra-large canopy has two positions and is made of a 50 UPF waterproof fabric to keep wind, rain and harmful sun rays away. Parents can also fold and unfold the basic footrests and remove the canopy where appropriate. Freewheel function can be engaged to allow the kid to place their feet on the pedals without moving the trike. 
  • Stage 3 - 24 to 36 Months:The parent handle, the footrests and the safety guard are removed to allow children to pedal by themselves. 
  • Stage 4 - 26 Months And Up: The back support, the safety belts and the basket are removed completely for all grown kid fun. 

*** NOTE: Item ships directly from manufacturer. Gift wrapping not available.