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Baking with Daddy

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Children can lift the flaps to help Little Mouse gather ingredients to make bread rolls with Daddy Mouse. Then follow the steps at the end of the book to make the simple recipe together!

Daddy Mouse wants to go to the store to gather ingredients for a recipe, but Little Mouse wants to play magician. So Daddy Mouse says that they will make magic bread rolls! At the store, Daddy Mouse says that they need flour and yeast. And of course they need cheese to go with their magic bread rolls! On their way home from the store, Little Mouse suggests that they pick some tomatoes and lettuce to have with their meal. Daddy Mouse and Little Mouse mix the ingredients and leave the dough to rise, and when it’s time, they put the dough in the oven to make their magic bread rolls. Includes lift-the-flaps throughout and a child-friendly recipe at the end.

Board Book 
Published by Tiger Tales
Sep 07, 2021
2-5 years

12 pages
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