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500 Questions And Answers - Space

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Discover mind-expanding ideas about the Sun, stars, and planets through statistics, incredible infographics and amazing full-color illustrations.

In this wonderful hardcover guide, young readers will find the answers to hundreds of cosmic questions about our Earth, space missions, comets, asteroids, galaxies and bizarre black holes. The question and answer format is a playful and accessible way for children learn facts that will intrigue, surprise, and ignite a lifelong interest in space science.

• Which planets turn the wrong way?
• Why is stargazing like time travel?
• Was a planet really called "Easterbunny?"

Supporting STEM learning, it's the perfect way to take young readers' knowledge to the next level. Ideal for curious kids aged 8+.

The fascinating facts in this book provide an exciting, accessible way of drawing kids into the worlds of science and astronomy.

Presented in a fun, playful way with color illustrations throughout.

Space exploration is an ever popular interest for children of all ages.

Ages 8 to 12

96 pages
4 color
11 in H | 8.9 in W