3 Tangle Jr Brain Tools - Classics



Scrambled brains both young and old fall perfectly into focus with this set of three unique Tangles in one!

Each one is made up of a chain of curved sections that twist into endless configurations yet each one is also different, restless hands of all ages just can't put them down!

From fidget to focus - The Tangle Jr. Combo 3 Pack is your ideal path to brain-block salvation.

Tangle Jr. Combo - 3 pk

  • Set of 3 unique Tangle Jr. fidget toys
  • Encourages tactile exploration, fine motor development and strength, focus
  • A brilliant way to busy your hands and strengthen your brain
  • Fidget to focus - Busy hands help the brain focus - Tangles keep the brain stimulated and active
  • Includes 3 different styles of Tangle Jr. - Classic
  • Colors are chosen randomly by manufacturer - Color choice not available
  • High quality design and materials for lasting durability
  • 49241961